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USB Power Charging – “Smart Power” A Solution for all your power and sync requirements.

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The Power Pad PP15 fully encased unit for sync and power charge for any

  • USB chargeable device
  • Phone
  • Tablets
  • Camera
  • Games Controllers
  • Sav Nav’s etc.    

15 Port Professional Charger

Using state-of-the-art USB technology from Cambrionix, this is the latest addition to an extensive suite of charge, sync, security and storage products for iPads, eBook readers and many other devices including the Raspberry Pi, GoPro adventure cameras and many more devices.

The Power Pad 15 can be mounted on a table, wall or under a counter. It is perfect for any environment such as retail where smart power for multiple USB chargeable devices is required, auto-sensing the required power level for each device.

  • Charges up to 15 iPads, iPods or iPhones
  • Charges Amazon Kindle eBook readers (Fire and Black + White)
  • Compatible with many other USB devices
  • Uses state-of-the-art Cambrionix USB electronics
  • Includes a UL-Listed dual voltage PSU
  • Dimensions: 6.75”L x 3.75”W x 2.2”H
  • Mounts on or under a desk or counter
  • UL Listed: File number E346549
  • CE Tested to EN60950
  • Independent CB Test certificate available
  • FCC Test certificate available
  • Up to 2.1amp to every port
  • Uses laptop style power supply for easy plug and go

 8 Port and 16 Port Professional Charger without sync also available.

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Cam 1.1 Series8 25.02.2015

Cam 1.2 EtherSync 24.02.2015

Cam 1.3 MC 25.02.2015

Cam 1.4 PP15C 24.02.2015

Cam 1.4b PP15S 24.02.2015

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DOWNLOADABLE CAT  1A Nexus Computers FULL Catalogue Summer 2016

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