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How can I attract more customers into my business?

How can I encourage them to stay longer and spend more?

Increase your profits by offering a Free “Top up” Charging service?

Here’s the Solution

Smartphone charging at the table Nexus MMC (Menu Mobile Charger) is a portable, table top charger with a 7” HD digital LCD screen with (85 mm x 160 mm) it supports multiple images in a slideshow format or video for product promotions, events etc. On the reverse side there’s a Menu / Promotion Paper / Card Insert H 180mm x W 95 mm

The MMC’s built in iPhone and Android charging cables with two USB ports for customers to charge their smartphones and tablets at the table. The Android Powered tablet is powered by heavy duty Samsung batteries means that it can fully charge 6-8 smartphones on one full charge 9/10 hours, Once drained the MMC can be fully recharged again in 4-5 hours.

The Nexus MMC (Menu Mobile Charger) is the perfect solution for your customer’s smartphone top up charging needs, it increases dwell time, increases sales and allows you to stand out from your competitors by offering a free top up service.

We also offer a Security Cable Solution and 1 Apple Lightning & 1 Micro USB spare cables with every MMC purchased worth £30.00

MMC’s Menu Mobile Chargers are 100% Tax deductible

for your business. – Leasing option available


Menu Mobile Charger A4 Flyer 2 Pages A4 FLYER PDF

What would you advertise?       Advertisements & Forecast TWO

Menu Mobile Charger MMC 1   1A Smartphone charging MMC One PDF

ORDER FORM ( Print Scan & Email) Order form TWO April 2017 PDF


Features  Menu / Charger / HD Advertiser – Up Sell to your customers

Key Features

• WIFI enabled to upload Photos(Slide Show & HD Video)

• 7” HD high definition wide angle display, perfect for       advertising special offers, menu items and happy hours. 85 mm x 160 mm Screen Size

• Supports multi images for slideshow, at the following

Dimensions: 600 x 1024mm. & built in speaker.

• Reverse side Paper / Card Insert H 180mm x W 95 mm

• 2 integrated cables iPhone/micro plus 2 USB ports

(Total output 5V 8amps) with smart charging.

Android installed operating system.

• Heavy duty capacity 20,800mAh Samsung battery.

Able to fully charge 6-8 iPhones/tablets on 1 full charge.

• Fully charged in 4-5 hours. (Charges at 2.0 amps)


• 1Gb Storage on board & up to 32GB SD card.

• Robust and elegant design, fire resistant ABS Material

• Overcurrent, overvoltage, over discharge, short circuit

and over temperature protection.

Peter J. Radcliffe  Nexus Computers Est 1988




HQ     01706 882778            M 07885 280369

MMC            H 237  x W 122 x D 114   Weight    850g

Packaging    H 255  x W 140 x D 125   Weight   1Kg

Power          Multi Voltage 110 / 220v

12 Month (limited) Warranty.


A Coffee, a cake, and a charge? 

You have a captive customer why not take the opportunity to up sell?

  • Remotely upload images and HD videos through WIFI
  • To admin each registered power bank by backstage system of administrator computer
  • Click the touchscreen to stop playing at any time
  • Android operating system, you can upload and install APP by yourself
  • 7″ HD 1080P wide angle LCD screen(600*1024), support pictures slideshow & multiple videos format play;
  • Screen Size 85 mm x 160mm 7″ Inch Screen
  • Speaker on the bottom, can play sounds;
  • 12V Input quickly Charged, take 5 hours only to full charge it;
  • Huge Capacity 20800mah,  max Capacity can be 40200mAh;
  • 12 Month RTB (Limited Warranty)


  • 7” HD Wide angle LCD screen(600*1024), support pictures slideshow & multiple videos format play;
  • Have a speaker on the bottom, can play sounds;
  • 12V Input quickly Charged, take 5 hours only to full charge it;
  • Huge Capacity 20800mAh,  max Capacity can be 40200 mAh;
  • Can charge up to 8 mobile phones / Tablets at the same time
  • Has CE/FCC/Rohs certificates

1. Charge overnight (5 Hours). 2 Place on the table. 3 Remove and Charge. 4 Repeat

Product Description

  • Remotely upload images and videos through WIFI
  • To admin each registered power bank by backstage system of administrator computer
  • Click the touchscreen to stop playing at any time
  • Run android system, can upload and install APP by yourself.
Extra Profit calculator per table

                                                        Year 1 Year 2  Totals 

£5    Profit per day = 360 days = 1800 1800  £3600 per table

£6   Profit per day = 360 days = 2160  2160  £4320 per table

£7   Profit per day = 360 days = 2520  2520  £5040  per table

£8  Profit per day = 360 days = 2880  2880  £5760 per table

£9   Profit per day = 360 days = 3240 3240  £6480  per table

£10 Profit per day = 360 days = 3600  3600 £7200 per table

Menu Mobile Chargers MMC’s are 100% Tax deductible for your business.

Leasing options available

Contact Peter for a free demonstration. 07885 280369

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MMC Smart Phone Charging Pdf                   1A Smartphone charging MMC One

Order Form (Print Scan & email) Pdf            Order form TWO April 2017

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Advertisement Profit Sheet Pdf                      Menu Mobile Charger GREEN OFFER

Setting up your MMC to your WIFI Pdf       NEXUS Setting up the MMC to the WIFII

How to Advertise over a Wifi Network Pdf  NEXUS Advertising to a MMC over a Network Manual TWO

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